How TrimPal works

b4 n after

                   Before and after
The TrimPal Automated Marijuana Trimmer is very quiet and and processes an average of 4 lbs an hour. The machine does a very tight cut, and does well on larger dense nugs all the way to fluffy bottom barrel nugs. The machine and blade are very special in that they do not rub and therefore gives you a pulling action rather than a cutting or chopping. The sweet leaf that is extruded from trimming is very good for value added products such as oils or hash.

As you can see in the above photo the machine doesn’t always process all strains to 100% completeness. Per strain there are sometimes a few crows feet left. We are very happy to be providing a product which is made to last. The motor is American made and the whole machine is made in house at our facilities in California.

We are happy to work with you, and tell you about our experiences with different trimmers and methods.


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