Why Trim Dry

Why Trim Dry

Dont believe the hype

Excerpt from Thcfarmer.com

Dry Trimming of Marijuana has been the norm since the beginning. Only since lately has wet trimming hit the scene. Its a matter of opinion and you will for surely hear that opinion from the West to East coast. Many indoor growing operations trim wet for a sake of time and lack of space to hang and dry.. The main differences in the two methods are quality, smell, taste, smoothness vs harshness and options for the end use sweet leaf (trim).

The wet trimming method has intensified because the innovation of automated trimming machines which trim wet. In California many of the newbies trimmed wet utilizing the new machines, until growers learned of growers in the Emerald Triangle originals thinking that would be an absolute sin. Many in California are retiring their wet automated trimmers and moving back to the dry trim situation. IT WAS A PHASE.

But as amateur hour hits in all the states implementing pro marijuana laws the phases waves are rolling through, and many of the older folks know the ways, but the younger are really cutting their balls to spite their face by trimming wet.

Reason is, Marijuana is a delicate flower, like any other, when the plant is cut down, it only seems logical from science, that we hang dry completely for full THC development and cure (i.e. smell) . Unlike wet trimmers and wet trim machines, we cut the plant down bucks the nugs off and throw them right in a machine… Sounds ridiculous spending all the time just to deactivate your buds potential down by more than I’m sure 40-50%.

With the lack of chloroforms and chemicals making it’s way from root to flower while upside down, the grower trimming wet is very much turning his potential green gold into, a not so fragrant, harsh, potentially moldy, burned trim situation.

Many might say “hey what about mold” well only coastal states need to worry about that, and the solution is dehumidifiers.. Remember the Emerald Triangle friends never had an issue.

Would love to hear your two sense.

If you're considering trimming dry and utilizing the TrimPal, just hang em, wait until the buds snap cleanly right off and get ready..

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